Freelance journalist and blogger

Hi I’m David. I live in London, the UK’s national capital, and recently retired from the civil service after a long career which included financial management, information management and human resources. Having been awarded a diploma with distinction in freelance and feature writing from the London School of Journalism in November 2020, I now intend to diversify into feature writing and blogging. My main interests are London local government, diversity and inclusion in education and the workplace and straightforward human interest. I have already self-published four books ; photos are shown on here. These are available via my Amazon page in Kindle form, or in hard copy if you e-mail me.. I have a passion for pragmatism, commonsense and personal responsibility. I put output above process and focus on what really matters.. I think the unthinkable, believe the unbelievable and discuss the undiscussable. Thanks for visiting!


I’m available for new ideas. Please feel free to email me on.


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